Corporate policy
for anti-social forces

Corporate policy for anti-social forces

Shirion Partners Co., Ltd. declares the following basic policy to prevent damage caused by anti-social forces.

  1. We will respond to anti-social forces as an organization without leaving it to the person in charge or the department in charge.

  2. We will respond to anti-social forces in cooperation with the police, the Center for the Promotion of Expulsion of Violence, lawyers, and other external specialized agencies.

  3. We will have no relationship with an anti-social force, including transactions, and by any change it turns out we have a relationship without knowing that our counterpart is an anti-social force, we will endeavor to resolve the relationship as soon as possible. We also reject unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.

  4. We will legally respond to unreasonable demands from anti-social forces as civil and criminal incidents.

  5. Even if the unreasonable demands of anti-social forces are due to scandals in our business activities or scandals of officers and employees, we will never make a back-door transaction to cover up the case. In addition, we will never provide funding to anti-social forces.